Organize your tabs in Chrome, manage tasks and take quick notes.

#1 extension for Chrome new tab. Try it today.

Add to Chrome
Stunning backgrounds for your new tab
Organize Chrome tabs in collections
Manage your tasks (to-do)
Take quick notes
Accurate 5-day weather forecast


Tired of boring new tab in Chrome? Replace it with Jety - a tab management solution, to-do and quick notes. Jety is a real productivity booster for your daily workflow. Try it today!

Make your new tab awesome

Beautiful backgrounds for Chrome new tab (new photo every day), tab manager, to-do, accurate 5-day weather forecast and quick notes.

Manage tabs and bookmarks

Organize your tabs in groups (collections), sort by tags and open multiple tabs with a single click. Or simply save all open tabs as a session to restore them later.

All tasks in one place

Manage your tasks with Jety. Create task lists for different projects or just for "stuff to buy" and "movies to watch". Sync tasks with Todoist.

Take quick notes

Write down your ideas and notes every time you open new tab in Chrome.

Everything synced

You can access your tab collections, view your tasks and notes from any device where Jety for Chrome is installed.

Weather forecast

Accurate and detailed 5-day weather forecast for any location.